Wednesday, December 09, 2009
with all the facebookings etc we haven't been to keen about updating this but in short... lots of going ons.
Recording next month
gigs upon gigs
We played about 9 shows this past fall with one last show 630pm the 22nd of dec at All Asia Cafe.
New site along the way
tons new songs and great news as well
stay tunned...
add us on facebook for now.
AND of course from all of us to you, Happy Holidays!
Monday, July 20, 2009
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The Callous Stars on Facebook
Hey everyone, all is well in the land of Bilvox. My band The Callous Stars made its debut last friday at the Boston Conservatory and I am happy to report we were well received. The highlight for sure was the song we performed with a talented Cellist(Kristin) and Pianist(Jill). The song was a perfect way to close the evening showcasing a wide array of talent and music.
We are now starting to book venues in and around the Boston area and are looking to take these songs out from the rehearsal space for all to hear and enjoy.
A Callous Stars website is in the works but in the meantime you can become a fan on facebook and follow what gigs and events we have planned.
stay well!

Monday, April 27, 2009
Hey Guys n Gals
Just a quick hello.
Things seem to be rocking along here. We wrote a new song last friday and had a blast while doing it. Initial sound of it is very up and a great rocker. One that I look forward to walking on stage to and playing.
we are going to hunker down here this month to pick a freakin band name already so we can start booking shows and getting out there.
As always ideas are always welcome at "bandname at bilvox dot com".
stay well, go well
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
WHo here twitters?
follow bilvox via:
OKay, Last update was from over 3 months ago... and the question surfaces. How could time slip away so easily? Well, we have been hard at work tightening up our set, writing songs and well...
We got ourselves our very own rehearsal space for helping us do this all. Having the space to really work on our sound and songs is priceless. Ok not priceless. We over pay for a dodgy room in a basement that leaks... but thats fine, the mean justify the ends and all that.
We also have found another member to our band of merry men; Michael. YAY.
So as he is quickly getting up to speed, our progress is so wonderful.
We have a decent set, great songs, and have a great time playing.
So why have we not booked a bunch of gigs etc? We cant decide on a bandname.
I know, i know.
Its coming.
In the mean time we have our booking demo ready to go, with a working title of The Modern Stereo EP.
Anyways. Stay tuned for more details.
Thursday, January 29, 2009
Hey Guys n Gals
Thanks for coming out the other week for support at 6B Lounge. It was a fun time playing a stripped down acoustic set.

In other news we are working on our booking demo, we have a few songs recorded and are putting the finishing touches on it while brainstorming on the official name of this project currently dubbed "StellaRossa". 
If you have any suggestions that reflect out music drop a line. 

Also while finishing up that demo, sorting out a name, and finding a permanent rehearsal space.. we are on the search for a fourth member of our team. A 2nd guitar/multi instrumentalist is the ideal match... easy going yet driven. Also hopefully our tunes you hear on this site would be along the lines of what they are looking to play and build upon. 
So also drop a line if you know anyone or are currently looking for a project.

Hope all is well and you are staying warm.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Hey Folks
So last Sunday we went to the 6b Lounge on beacon st in downtown Boston to play a stripped down version of a few songs at an open mic. Was a great time and great to see such talent. Evidently they have a bit of a competition and the best act is invited back the following Sunday to play a 6 song set. 
We were hoping to just maybe make it to the top 4 but low and behold we won. So this Sunday we shall return. 
The details:
6b Lounge
6 Beacon St
Boston, MA
the acts(music & comedy) start around 9 and we will probably go on around 10 so come early grab a drink and enjoy.
It will be interesting to play a set of our songs stripped down to their basic elements.. and fun.
Hope to see you there :-)

Saturday, December 13, 2008
Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season, we are hard at work getting our set up to snuff to take to the stage next month. The hardest part is focusing on the songs for the set when we have so many new ideas and sounds finding us when we play.
Anyways, the sounds are rocking and exciting and we cant wait to share.
muchas love!
bilvox, bryan, anthony

Friday, October 31, 2008
Hey Guys n Gals,
I have a quick little promotional video for the song from my E.P. "Summer in the City" that features the song "I Feel Alright (Song for the Summer)" 
Enjoy & Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Hey everyone.. disregard the radio silence... check this out to get a sense of what has been going on with music. A little video introduction to the band.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Check out Bryan... rockin the stranger in a strange land tshirt... word 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Hey Everyone,
Things are humming right along as we are headlong into the (sadly) tail end of summer.
Incase you have yet to go check out the new EP head on over to the Bilvox store where you can check out both the previous release "Stranger In a Strange Land" and the latest "Summer in the City E.P.".
Pass it on to your friends and stay tuned for more information as we start to book shows soon and take the music to the streets.
Saturday, August 16, 2008
what do you think?
Friday, August 08, 2008
like the music? Wanna be a foot soldier in the fight for decent music in your town???
come help out project bilvox.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Hey Everyone,
First - thanks so much for showing your support for the new E.P. "Summer In the City" that was released on itunes, amazon, napster, emusic, rhapsody, etc.

Second, thanks and much love to Stephen Quirk.
Stephen Quirk is a photographer/artist who did the photography for the back of my ep. Head over to his site to check out his blog, his other photography and give him some "props".
He took my favorite bilvox picture of all time.

Thanks again for your support.
We are practicing feverishly to get the songs up to speed so we might take them to the streets (you) next.
The songs have so much energy and are finally getting the life they deserve.
talk to you soon!
Saturday, July 26, 2008
Hey Everyone
Exciting News on the Music front!!! My New EP is out on ITUNES!!!

Click this link and it should open it up in your itunes.
If not, head on over to the itunes store and search for "Bilvox".

The EP is "Summer in the City"
It features 2 older songs from my first album "Stranger in a Strange Land" (Take me Away, Hold On to Your Dreams), 2 to be featured on my new one (Set Your Heart on Fire, Stay Tonight), one written just for the summer season and a live & unplugged version of "The Stranger".

Thanks in advance for your support. If you dig what you hear pass it on, tell your friends and stay tuned for further news about live support of this release. The new Tunes are sounding great and the older ones have never sounded this wonderful, I cant wait to see you all out there sometime soon. (also it is available for download from emusic, rhapsody & napster)

In further Bilvox music news, the film I scored earlier this year just had its premiere to great reception at Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival. The Film is "Rule of Three" Also one of the leads was bestowed the honor of Best Actor Award at the festival. We are all very excited for all the cast and crew involved in seeing this film receive the accolades it deserves.
You can view a trailer(featuring Bilvox music) for it here:

thanks again
Friday, May 09, 2008
If you are on FaceBook or/and subscribe to ilike... find us there.
go ahead... click it. :-)
iLike Bilvox
Tuesday, May 06, 2008
do you twitter?

i do...
Monday, May 05, 2008
Yay!!! I received my CDs to hand out at the LA premiere screening of "Rule of Three"! oh... but a few days too late. Although disappointed I was unable to hand these out to that captive audience I am still thrilled to receive them and yes I must admit to taking the first one and throwing it in to my cd player and turning it on up.
In this digital age it is sooo cool to have a physical rendition of your digital and audio art.

Anyways... I will be handing this out randomly here and when I head up to Montreal in July to support the film up there.
In the mean time... a variation on this CD is going to be available to download on itunes... within the next two months. As the release date approaches check back here... or even drop me an email to ( mailbox at bilvox dot com) to add your email to my Monthly News Letter, containing photos, anecdotes as well as music and video.

check it....

the cds

me ever-so-pleased.
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Back in Boston.
Thats right, the whirl-wind trip to Los Angeles is over. I met some talented, interesting, and fun people while there; from producers to directors, actors, etc. It was such an amazing experience to see the film with an audience. The live interaction between them and the dialogue was so wonderful to experience.
From the director to the actors and crew... we were all so very pleased at the response and are looking forward to the next steps.. the next being a film festival in Montreal Canada. :-O
As you are reading this, you are probably seeing a half-working website as I am slowly switching to a new design. It should soon have all you might want and then some.

At least now you can check out some tunes - listen to the old album, get a flavour of the new material by listening to tracks from the new E.P. "Summer in the City" or even head over to myspace, be our friend and check out some tracks there that may not be available here for your listening pleasure.

Bios, pictures, video, etc all are on its way here, so come back in a few...
Friday, April 25, 2008
Hey everyone!
I am writing you from the warm and sunny west-coast. I am in Los Angeles for the premiere screening of Rule of Three. Its very exciting and nerve racking... but mostly just extremely exciting. Tomorrow is the first screening and we should have about 100+ folks attending. So today we promote the hell out of it.
Its great to be here in LA and I will be bloggin all week - with the pictures to prove.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hey everybody...
Sorry for not updating this piece for a while all has been quiet as my head has been down and focused.
The fruits of this laser-focus ;-) are able to be enjoyed finally.
The scoring of the film "Rule of Three" is finished!! Wooo HOOO! As a film fan-boy myself, I found my own sound design effective when watching the latest cut of it.
Its a cool film and if you head over to their myspace page you can view trailers featuring yours truly's song "Rise Up". Also while there you can watch a little video diary I did during some of the writing sessions.
You can also catch this here.

"Rule of Three" will be screen next weekend at Fangoria's Horrorfest in Los Angeles. I will be heading out there to hand out some bilvox schwag (stickers, CDs) to viewers... to give them more of a taste of the music that is not film-music. Oh and to catch up with all those fantastic folks out there. Always a great time there.

Anyways, I believe this means things around here will be up and running smoothly, website etc.
check back, no really I promise

Oh and do check out our myspace page... line up is lining up, with Bernardo on board as bass man in residence and more to follow.

Saturday, August 11, 2007
I hope everyone's summer is going great and is full of sunshine and relaxing. All at Camp Bilvox is well. We are still writing and recording and all the while still filling in band members.
Great news for all indie movie fans like myself. The flim "Rule of Three" currently in post-production will be featuring some original music by Bilvox!
The film itself is(from imdb):
"A suspenseful drama that takes place at three points in time within a single motel room, viewing the events before, during, and after a college graduate's abduction."
The writer is a very talented man and an expert in creating thrilling suspense.
I will keep all of you informed about it and more in future music news.

Please read my blog over at "musings" to read my thoughts on the passing of the great Tony Wilson; founder of Factory Records.
Hope everyone is well..

Friday, May 25, 2007
If you can tell, if you just came from the main, this site is being completely overhauled.
New look, new songs, a new year.
Sorry its been so stagnant since dec, there has been a lot of song writing - recording, and searching for some talented folks to jump aboard this creative project.

You can hear some of the new tunes on my Virb site, join up... its a cooler, clean site than myspace where you can network with friends, artists, musicians, designers etc....

Also do join me on my myspace site for some tunes there.

as always check back here in the next month + to see the new site, read some news, and maybe there will be some oh... album/ep news.

stay well, and holla if you dare
Saturday, December 30, 2006
So you remember that older album, a sort of greatest hits of our old material... You know "Muse", "Take Me Away(an angel passes)", "The Stranger".. wait you don't have them???

Well finally, and we mean finally! After a glitch has been fixed on apple's part, our album with all those songs is now available on the Itunes store!

We are very excited about this cause this gives us a chance for broader digital distribution than before. I know you asked Santa for bv and modern stereo on your ipod for Christmas.. so now your Holiday wishes can come true!

Follow this link for "Bilvox: A Stranger in a Strange Land"...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006
We are currently searching for a few good women and men to join our team!
If you are a musician and currently searching for a new project, and if you especially play drums or bass, take a listen here and on our myspace page, and drop a line.

send an email to bilvox-at-bilvox-dot-com for more information about us, what we are looking for, and where to go from here...
Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Thanks everyone who came out last night and supported our entrance back into the giging world last night we had a great time kick-starting the motor and getting the show on the road. :-)
It was fun to try out these songs "unplugged" and even better seeing you all there.
Check back for more dates and performances...
send an email to me at bilvox (at) bilvox (dot) com to add your address to the emailing list.

Muchas luvage
-BV, -Tr
Monday, October 23, 2006
We have a great acoustic set planned for your enjoyment. In Somerville at the world-renown Abbey Lounge.
So come on out should be a great time to take Monday back from Bob Geldof. It should be a chill night of live music and relaxing with some friends.
Stay tuned for more acoustic shows!
-the crew
Monday, October 16, 2006
Tonight 10-16-06
I am off to the lizard lounge to play in the acoustic battle of the bands.. err more like battle of the unplugged.
My slot is at 845, the whole spiel starts at 8.
Come on out for a bit..
and don't forget next monday is the real deal...
the abbey lounge
we have an acoustic set that should be fun
Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Ok, we have a few shows coming up... 23rd October, Abbey Lounge Pub Stage we are doing a chill evening of strumming and singing, so pop on over after work. I mean really what else would you have planned on a Monday night.
Check back for more venues and dates...
stay sexy,
tr, kk, & bv
Saturday, September 30, 2006
get your bilvox ringtones from verizon now!
Hahaa awesome... yet it is still not on itunes!
Saturday, July 08, 2006
Hola me amigos
Monday night around 850-9pm Kevin and I will be performing a couple of songs at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge.
It is a wonderful venue and there is always a great group of talented performers there.
I always have a brilliant time and Monday night should be no different at all.
I hope to see you there! :-)
-muchas luvage

Directions via
Take the Red Line to Harvard Square Exit. From Harvard Square, walk north on Mass. Ave (towards Arlington, away from Boston). Lizard Lounge is about four blocks north on your right, under Cambridge Common restaurant.
Friday, July 07, 2006
what the heck is this???
Tuesday, June 27, 2006
So in my stumbling around...
I found a few more sites have my album online for you to listen and
purchase. Sure I finished it a year ago, and since have been
working on new songs for a new disc I hope to release soon.
but my sort of best-of-the-old-stuff is now available. Some
tunes better than others.
Some were written 3-4 years ago, some were spanking new a little over 1 year
check it..


Real Rhapsody:

mp3 Extension:

I am still waiting with baited breathe for Itunes to get its act
together and get it on their store...
but in the mean time... enjoy :-)

if you want a preview of my new tunes drop me a message
or check out my myspace page.. (which only has two of the

or better yet keep your eyes peeled for up coming gigs...
cheers, stay well
-bv :-)
Friday, June 23, 2006
Hey there my fine folks...
I just want to say thanks for all the feed back and kind words everyone has sent in about the new tune (stay tonight) on my MySpace site. There are more to come as writing and recording continues. I also am actively looking for a rhythm section for live gigs. Speaking of...
In the next few days I will post a list of upcoming gigs. I hope to see some of you out there.
hey... check out my last album here: buy bilvox
Wednesday, May 24, 2006
I have images of last nights performance.. was a very fun time. After a few Rum drinks it turned to a brilliant time of playing U2 covers.

Monday, May 22, 2006
Hola Fellow Strangers!
So in my random googling or froogling of myself (that sounds rather naughty) I have discovered another place for purchasing my album... you can purchase songs a'la carte or the whole kit n caboodle...
might I suggest a tune worth 99 cents?
Take me away...
a great tune, go for it..
You can either search for "bilvox" at
or follow this link.
I hope all is well...
I think i might have some big/good news soon... so come back in a week or so to find out. In the meantime, knock on wood, send me positive energy, or say a prayer.
Saturday, May 13, 2006
Hey Y'all...
Been recording & writing like mad...
and I am sharing the fruits of my labour with you good people.
The song just posted to myspace "Stay Tonight" was written half wandering the streets of Boston broken hearted... and Half Drunk wandering the streets of Dublin.
It is a older song, one of my favorites, so it took a long time to record. I wanted to give it the time and focus it deserved. Actually, I skipped over it for a while until I could approached the tune fresh, rethink its sound and feel... and had another go.
If you have seen me live, you may have heard it.
I did play it the other week at the Lizard Lounge to great response.
So enjoy it.
I have about 8 songs written and half that recorded and kinda done... I would like to put an album out this summer.. early Fall
You'll be first to know.
well thats if you send me your email... or email me at bilvox(at)bilvox(dot)com
and I will add you to my update list et all.
I hope this finds you well.
Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Hey Y'all!
Hope this finds everyone well...
Last night I ventured out to Cambridge area to the Lizard Lounge for what always is not only a great venue but a wonderful evening that showcases a lot of talent...
I played The Stranger and Stay Tonight for the crew there and walked away from the performance feeling really good about it. If you have not gotten a chance to go there, please do. Its a wonderful venue to experience live music and to see what talent this city offers.
I was a bit uncertain how I would do, it being a while since I have played out... but I feel it went well, and I am hoping to get back there some time soon to play.
Where have I been?
recording and writing...
I am focusing on finishing up and having a new album this year. Since I put out and completed my old album
album cover"Stranger In a Strange Land" last year, I have written and been developing a slew of tunes.
I look at "Stranger in a.." as a record I am proud of but, it is more of a compilation. It chronicles of my emergence as a singer and songwriter and the time of growth and development after "The Spark" broke up. I feel much of the material is sophomoric and raw... and I feel its more of a compilation, unlike my new material.
The songs are coming along nicely and they generally all sound of the same heart and time period... and with some help of my friends... the finished product will be great.
I am also looking into outside production and recording help so as to help develop my sound and these songs to their full potential.
So that's the news for now...
email me at bilvox(at)bilvox(dot)com to be added to mailing lists or for general harassment.
muchas lovage
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
My Album "Stranger in a Strange Land" is slowly making its way to digital distribution.
I know everyone, (well my posse and I) uses itunes for digital music purchases... BUT if you use emusic I have a treat for you.
Bilvox - A Stranger in a Strange Land
yes, oh yes.. you can purchase these songs for your mp3 player.
This is a first of many places to buy the tunes. I will let you know as other places like itunes, napster, etc sell my album.
and yes..
It is all very exciting and makes me giddy.
Thursday, February 23, 2006
Abbey Lounge 2-22-06 set-list

Thanks for your support...
It was a great acoustic evening.
Also many covers or snippet of a covers were played...
Very Rare Indeed!

Stay Tonight (w/ snippet u2's 'Stay-far away so close')
Dancing In the Summer Rain (w/ the Beatle's 'Rain')
The Stranger
I Wanna Show You the Stars Above
"Panic" by The Smiths
Muse (w/ snippet of Joy Division's "Love will tear us Apart")
"Let It Be Me" by The Everly Brothers

Stay Plugged in to the next event-show-appearance!
Saturday, February 04, 2006
Stranger at the Paradise
Bilvox & Modern Stereo
will be appearing Tuesday February 7th 7:30pm
The Paradise Lounge
969 Comm Ave, Allston MA

We will be playing songs from the up coming release "Stranger in a Strange Land" and a few other surprises. It's a night that features some of the best Singer/Song Writers in Boston.
Come on down to the infamous Paradise Lounge for your earfull of ... (what 'they' say)

"Bilvox's heartfelt lyrics balance both imagery and poetry while echoing those of traditional pop music. The chiming and lyric guitars are haunting and catchy amongst the backdrop of the melodies. The music is Boston and America's answer to the movement that blends poetry, folk, and post punk rock while adding a groove or "hips".

I am so looking forward to it...
Hope you all can make it

18+ / 5$ @door/ Doors open @7pm
Saturday, January 07, 2006
I'm so in love with music...
Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Boston Phoenix's Band Listing for "Bilvox"
That's me...
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Achtung Y'all
Sorry for the short notice but this wednesday I am going to make it out to allston to the paradise lounge to do some "strummy, strummy, La, laaaaa".
In January I will be playing a full set as a featured Act more on this later.
here are the details.

>>Wednesday December 14, 2005
Open Mic Night - Singers/Songwriters, Instrumental Musicians, poets, stand up comedians and more. Sign up in advance contact: Doors 8 PM 18+ $5 <<

also if you go to my music section. You will see I have embeded a player so you can listen to my tunes.
more later
muchas luvage
Friday, November 25, 2005
Hey Folks
Happy Thanksgiving,
Hope y'all are full of food n thanks and now relaxing.
So, I did some more working on demos lately when I wasn't traveling to and from Florida.
God Bless my little lap top and all its demo-glory!
I spent the weekend recording and working on some new tunes. Definitely has a more basic, stripped down feel and element to them.
I think I have discovered my Swedish equivalent.. the band is the perishers. I stumbled upon them and found they totally have a sound I have been playing in these demos.
So as known, I'm not to keen on covers for a few reasons. I am better at playing my own tunes. A cover needs to be done properly, in your own way, and you really have this tune filter through you and your voice. After all, a good poet borrows, a great one steals... meaning they take it and own it.
So for me dear ol' mum I hastily recorded in 3 hours before I had to run to get my plane a version of the song I covered the other week. The Everly Brother's "Let it Be Me"
I will post it here so you can download and enjoy... (and maybe it will be incentive for you to come out next week for a show.)
(click here to download the song)
Overall I think the version ended up sounding cool.

Oh, yes, yes, the new songs...
the (tentative in some cases) titles are:
Pull a Star from the Night ( a new bilvox theme song)
Walk Away (cause no one stays in Boston, boo! )
October Remains (about a girl and well she's gone but October remains)
If it's Okay (a song of support and hope for a friend in a weird time of their life)
Coming Home (a tender piano one)
Wanna See How I see? (eat your heart out dan the automator and gorillaz)

so six works-in-progress...
and an album due in itunes soon...
I am surely
Talk to you soon.
holla anytime bilvox(at)
muchas lovage
Friday, November 18, 2005
So Wednesday I played Kennedy's Midtown near Government Center- Near Suffolk Law...
Sorry to all of those that got a text saying it was canceled...
I got there and was told it was going to be.. so I sent that text- then he came back and said we were on.
So I played
The Stranger
and one that was a last minute learn and play..
the Everly Brothers song "Let it Be Me"
Was a wonderful time and great to meet and see everyone.
I will be back there in two weeks time...
Hopeto see y'all then
Friday, April 08, 2005
Hey there fellow strangers!

Sorry as the open letter in my blog states... I have been very busy as of late. But this means things have been being pushed forward and projects worked on. So I finished this song recently and am very happy with it. I have had some time to sort out acoustic/ unplugged versions of my tunes to do another round of singer songwriter series. I will announce those soon. (as I sort that out!)

New website design and layout is a-coming. A very very talented individual is helping me in her free time (what's free time?) and offering her artistic vision and design skills to this site.

Also going to make my way to Electric JerryLand Recording studios for some production re-touches etc. And after listening to the 12 songs over and over and over again... we might be ready to release a finished version to you, and the world.

So this Sunday on WGBH a short film "Couples" produced by Mark Halliday will be aired. Why should you care? Yours truly and TravRock wrote, recorded, and produced the soundtrack. Its during a program called "6:55 Short Stack" and it airs Sunday, April 10, 2005 at 10:30pm on WGBH 44. That's so cool.

Check back here for more information on any upcoming shows, appearences, or other newsworthy events (i guess 'newsworthy' is all relative)

stay well sexys!

Monday, March 14, 2005
A couple of appearences coming up. Tomorrow night Tuesday the 15th is the 2nd year anniversary of the open mic night at roggies in Brighton at the last stop of the C-line branch of the Green line of the T.
9PM start SHARP!!!
356 Chestnut Hill Ave.
Brighton, MA 02135

I go on a little after 9pm. So if you want to hear a song or two performed by me, ya gotta show up early. Also slated to play is Jon Gorey, Will Daily (who hosts the hole sha-bang) Christie Leigh.. and lots more. Should be a very cool night.

Monday March 21st, you want to figure the best way to celebrate my sister's birthday? Well how about going to the Paradise Lounge in the front part of the Paradise Rock Club In Allston to check me out at the Singer-Songwriter Series there. I'm Not sure when I am slated to go on. But it starts at 7pm, 5$ at the door...and should be a grand ol' time.