Bilvox (William Neidlinger) has spent a number of years previous to forming this band making a solo effort with quite a history leading up to now.
He formed his first band, The Spark, in 2002. It was a boot camp where songwriting, recording, performing and touring all came at the band so fast you couldn't do help but absorb and learn in this crash-course in rock. After the band broke up in 2004 Bilvox spent time fine-tuning his lyrics, songwriting, production and learning to play more instruments.
Finally this hard work payed off with a well received first solo effort in 2005/2006 "A Stranger in a Strange Land". Dubbed by independent press as "Hauntingly beautiful".
In late 2007 and early 2008 Bilvox had a welcome diversion from working on his follow up album as he was hired to compose original music for a film. He spent this creative time recording and composing the score/original soundtrack for the independent film "Rule of Three". The film had its premiere in Los Angeles in April 2008 to rave reviews and after traveling the country in film festivals is currently under a distribution deal.
Bilvox released a promotional E.P. "Summer in the City" to promote his work at the festivals and to pave the way for his follow-up album. While in sessions for the new album and after a few years of writing songs, publishing albums, performing, and then scoring an independent film Bilvox had a desire to reach out and form a band. He wanted to use these new songs and previous releases as a foundation and a launching point for the next band. The Callous Stars' final line-up came together in the spring of 2009; Anthony Medel (drums), Bryan Murphy (bass), and finally when Mike Isberg (Guitar) joined up things clicked and right away the magic happened.
Now one finds Bilvox hard at work with The Callous Stars in the rehearsal studio making our set-list tight, writing new songs and reworking the vast library from Bilvox's catalogue. We have played many shows already in Boston and Cambridge and are working hard to have our music heard around town. In the immediate and near future we are booking more gigs, releasing a promotional EP and looking forward to take our songs out to the world.

Bilvox Neidlinger sings, plays guitar piano, melodica.
The Callous Stars are:
Mike Isberg on guitar.
Bryan Murphy plays Bass Guitar, backing vocals
Anthony Medel plays drums, percussion, samples, backing vocals.

As solo Bilvox "A Stranger in a Strange Land" released 2005 & 2006 in some places. It has Online distribution around the world; from itunes to and beyond.
Late 2007 and early 2008 was spent recording and composing the score/original soundtrack for the independent film "Rule of Three".
In July 2008 the E.P. "Summer in the City" was released highlighting new songs, some favorites and some exclusive recordings made just for the E.P.
Now that the solo project has turned into a band we are planning to have the much anticipated follow-up album is set to be released independently in fall of 2009. As we enter Fall we should have the "Modern Stereo E.P." back from being mastered with plans to distribute to radio stations and secure booking.